Conflation and Generalisation

A General Framework for Conflation
Benjamin Adams, Linna Li, Martin Raubal and Michael Goodchild

Multiscale Representations of Water: Tailoring Generalization Sequences to Specific Physiographic Regimes
Barbara P. Buttenfield, Lawrence V. Stanislawski and Cynthia A. Brewer

A Framework for Integrating and Reasoning about Geospatial Data
Shubham Gupta and Craig Knoblock

Optimized Feature Matching in Conflation
Linna Li and Michael Goodchild

A Dynamic Typification Method of 3D City Models using Minimum Spanning Tree
Bo Mao, Lars Harrie and Yifang Ban

Designing generalisation evaluation function through human-machine dialogue
Patrick Taillandier and Julien Gaffuri

Spatial Data Integration with Qualitative Integrity Constraints
Jan Oliver Wallgrün and Frank Dylla

Ant Colony Optimization Applied to Network Schematization
Mark Ware and Nigel Richards