Sammon's Projection for Clustering Complex Geographical Objects
Gennady Andrienko and Natalia Andrienko

Generating Focus Maps Using Open Standards
Julian Hagenauer and Zipf Alexander

Exploratory Visualization of Mobile Object Data in Attribute-time Space
Tetsuo Kobayashi and Andrei Ostanin

A user-centered approach for designing and developing spatiotemporal crime analysis tools
Robert E. Roth, Kevin S. Ross, Benjamin G. Finch, Wei Luo and Alan M. MacEachren

Scale and Nutritional Terrain
Ashton Shortridge, Kirk Goldsberry and Almaz Naizghi

Formalizing Guidelines for Building Meaningful Self-Organizing Maps
Jochen Wendel and Barbara P. Buttenfield

TwitterHitter: Geovisual Analytics for Harvesting Insight from Volunteered Geographic Information
Jeremy White and Robert Roth